05 Marzo 2024

WellBe Project

Our project mission is to support secondary education students in building resilience skills and overcoming the negative effects of social exclusion after the end of the epidemic. This goal will be achieved by analysing the psychological (psycho-social) effects of social exclusion in students and, on this basis, updating educational priorities and focusing pedagogical measures on the needs of students in the post-epidemic situation.
The project addresses two main target groups as follows:

Directly - students from secondary education level (14-19 years) who need skills to build resilience and overcome the negative consequences of stress and support to boost their motivation for learning and development;

Indirectly - teachers and other educators who need to be prepared and equipped with adequate tools and practical guidelines for interacting and supporting adolescents.

Time of development: 24 months (2020-2022)
Survey Research Handbook. This output will serve as a comprehensive approach to researching the impact of crisis stress on the current mental state of secondary school students. By exploring the psycho-emotional status, attitudes, needs, motivations and types of their stress response we will equip teachers, parents and those interested in supporting young people in the post-pandemic situation and new realities with appropriate, reliable and effective measuring tools and coping skills.

Teacher's Guide for working with secondary school students who have experienced the COVID-19 crisis: an online repository of How-To’s to support young people’s psychological wellbeing and to maintain a positive school environment. This output will provide systematic information on suitable interactive approaches, training methods and specific thematic developments to overcome the effects of the crisis, restore mental well-being and develop personal resilience of students between the ages of 14 to 19.

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